Pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is one of the major pulses that serve as a rotational crop in cereal-based cropping systems in the lowland areas. According to 2019 International Trade Center Data, the largest producers of Pinto beans globally are India, Myanmar, and Brazil with 6.3, 5.4, and 3.0 million metric tons. These three countries account for 63.5 percent of the global Pinto beans production. 

Pinto beans production in Ethiopia shows a significant growth during the past two years According to the southern Nations Nationalities and people’s Bureau(2011 EC),the total pinto beans production for the year 2011 is 435,600 quintals. From 2010-2011, production volume increased by an annual average of 25%.currently the only producer of this commodity is SNNPR region.  

Export data from ERCA and National Bank of Ethiopia indicate that 2981 Metric ton of Pinto beans, with value of Birr 5.8 million were exported in 2010E.C, while in 2011EC, 7,801 metric ton was exported and 13.5 million Birr was earned. In the past two years, the main export destinations for Ethiopia’s Pinto beans have been Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, Russian and Czech Republic.

Harvesting and Marketing Seasons

September, October, November and December are the harvesting and marketing seasons for Pinto beans.

Ethiopia’s Pinto beans Export, Volume and Value

  • 2981 metric tons, Average annual export volumes from 2010E.C.
  • 7801 metric tons, worth more than 13.5 million Birr  exported in 2011E.C .
  • Ethiopia’s Pinto beans exports have mainly been destined to India, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania also imported the product from Ethiopia.